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Chris Spears Austin Massage Therapist

My main objective is to help people meet their fitness goals and enhance their athletic performance by relieving muscular tension and pain, while increasing their range of motion and recovery time. I’ve worked with elite and amateur runners, cyclists, Olympic lifters, triathletes, rock climbers, yogis and desk jockeys.

Focusing on specific muscle groups, I address each client’s individual needs. Using a variety of techniques, my goal is to promote blood flow to the muscles, which will reduce chronic pain, increase restricted range of motion and break down scar tissue in the muscles. This prevents injury, allows the body to recover more quickly and increases performance.

Being an athlete myself, I can relate to my clients’ athletic needs and also understand how pain limits one’s ability to perform. I have a diverse athletic background, playing both softball and volleyball while in school, and later transitioning into running half marathons, participating in various bootcamps around Austin and developing a regular Vinyasa Yoga practice.

I’m committed to serving those who want a natural, higher quality of life
….pain free!